On 22nd December 2005 a message was received from Celestials under the name "The Collective" through the telepath Helen Engel about "Preparations for the days to come". This was referred to as being the first message on this subject and the topic was "Education".

It asked for groups to be formed to travel the world educating people in various fields, but particularly in the "new science" (that which had for eons been suppressed by the New World Order) so that the standard of living, particularly in the many under-developed countries, could be raised. Reference: - [see 'Reports', page 12].

Plans had already been formulated to educate those in the West who were employed in agriculture in how to increase crop yield organically by five to tenfold, using the De Land system, a method which had been suppressed in the 1950s, and the information made over by the originator to the public for the common good. This was described more fully on one of the proposed NESARA PROJECTS. It had already been proposed in the late 1980s under "Investment in the '90s", a paper which was continually updated until 2003, but these 'revolutionary' proposals were a little too early to be accepted. Few people still remembered the successes in the 1950s.

This and similar other plans have therefore been put together to fulfill the desire expressed by the Celestials to ready the teachers to disseminate this knowledge worldwide.

It also complements part of the NESARA pledge regarding redistribution of the world's wealth. In this case it is particularly the wealth of knowledge that is being distributed, knowledge which leads in due course to material wealth.

Once Redistribution of the World's Wealth takes effect post-NESARA, there will be a number of people who will quit their mundane jobs and seek some other way to pass the time. Some may be persuaded to join these humanitarian teams, especially if they have no dependents, and some may even volunteer their services.

Stewards of the Earth is a common term in religious circles: there may be other organizations with similar names: Stewards of the Earth has been identified in Athens, Georgia, providing agricultural services; in Asheville NC and Laguna Beach.

Message from Captain Helena of the Capricorn, 26th September 2006:
"There is to be an era of peace and prosperity, beginning in the most civilized nations and spreading throughout the world. There will be a much stronger United Nations, especially with our help. The great effort that will be made throughout the peace-loving world will result in world-wide peace. There will be many rich people in many nations who will help spread some of their wealth to some of the poorer nations of the world.

As you often think about, there are countries where water and food is so scarce that there is not normal growth and development of children. That message must be given to people of means and arrangements made so that these destitute people can have a much improved life, especially so that they can have sufficient food and water to become a healthier people. That is my message and our promise to the world. "

The principal risks at the present time are that governments of the countries targeted may not receive the missions favourably. One must await the installation of a truly democratic government without financial interference before embarking upon sending a delegation to that country. Industrial conglomerates, if still in existence post-NESARA, may also be negatively affected and lodge objections or create unnecessary hurdles for the proposed benevolent activities. This should be overcome before long.

Teams sent to foreign countries must be adaptable and prepare their physical bodies at times for an entirely different climate, so they must be physically fit before departure. A medical report might be required from all applicants, confirming that they are fit to live and work in the destination country.

There are no known comparable programs although some countries do have individuals or teams which go overseas under the auspices of their country's embassy and advise industries on production methods etc. They are hampered however by the industries which sponsor them as the work must be to the ultimate financial benefit of that industry. Here there are NO strings attached.

There are many Church missions providing relief, but always in conjunction with the teaching of their own brand of religion, often in theological colleges, which fall short of true spirituality at the moment. For many of them this assistance affords a cover for increasing their membership.

Children's missions abound but these come in for most of the public criticism as the activities of many tend to be suspect and the amount of good that is done is questioned, it being in proportion to the amount of funds that actually reaches the needy and is not swallowed up by administrative charges. The 'administrative charges' of some 'charitable' funds reaches 90%, not leaving much left over for the real work.

Costs are based on teams of 80 employees traveling to specific underdeveloped countries to carry out a specific mission for each country. The operation is therefore flexible. The cost of sending five, ten and twenty teams have been computed over five years (see APPENDIX A for details of the staff complement and their salaries as well as detailed capital and annual operational costs).


Capital Costs per Team: $25.503 million
Annual Operating Cost per Team: $43.935 million
Five Year Costs per Team: $245.181 million

First Year Costs: 1 team $69.5 million
First Year Costs: 5 teams $34.7 million
First Year Costs: 10 teams $694 million
First Year Costs: 20 teams $1.39 billion

Cost to support 5 teams over 5 years: $1.22 billion
Cost to support 10 teams over 5 years: $2.45 billion
Cost to support 20 teams over 5 years: $4.90 billion

The project will be managed by the First Church of St Germain.

Funds received will be placed in a special account for this project in the Royal Bank of Canada.

Each team will consist of approximately 80 physicians, surgeons, medical specialists, chiropractors and other alternative health practitioners, nurses, midwives, educators, lecturers, scientists, tradesmen, technicians, artists and others including TV crew, webmasters and an administrator, according to needs from time to time, local conditions and the availability of staff.

Above average remuneration and benefits should attract and keep high quality technical and administrative staff, committed to aiding mankind, ensuring job satisfaction and a minimum of staff turnover. Accommodation in the destination country will be arranged at no cost or at nominal cost, salaries being adjusted accordingly.

After six months continuous duty abroad staff will be entitled to four weeks' paid leave. Air fares will be paid or travel arrangements made at no cost to the employee, unless dismissed for disciplinary reasons. Replacement team members will be flown out for a period of four weeks to cover vacation absences and allow time for the replacement to settle in.

Local staff will generally consist of cooks, drivers, maintenance staff and security personnel, but tradesmen and technicians may also be recruited locally.

A public relations unit will record audio-visually the activities of each team, so that information can be passed on to government and the public by CD, videotape or audiotape.

The accommodation built and used by the teams will be gifted to local municipalities when the mission has been accomplished.

ET ASSISTANCE - Off World Scientists
In January 2008 it was revealed that many scientists from other planets/spheres had already landed in order to help humanity rebuild the planet. Here is an excerpt from that message:

"A group of brilliant galactic scientists and others from the future have incarnated and entered your world through various means and they are now ready to make their presence known. They will be assuming leadership positions in every area of human endeavor.

Their methods will not be familiar to anyone of Earth - rather they will seem like science fiction to many - yet they will transform your Earth. By means of these life-enhancing discoveries we will be sharing some of our off-planet methods of accelerated food production, ways of tapping into cosmic energy sources, healing and regeneration of diseased organs through color, light and sound, and even how to produce water! The array of discoveries and resources which will increasingly be revealed to those of humanitarian benevolence will be virtually limitless."
(Commanders Ashtar and Athena, 2nd January, 2008)

Note that it will be those who have humanitarian projects (such as this one) that will be helped in this manner. This will help ensure our success.

The need to eliminate hunger and poverty in many places in the world is well known and accepted. There are several organizations engaged in this business, but a large proportion of the monies collected are siphoned off, or lost in excessive administration costs, with as little as 10% ending up for the benefit of the alleged beneficiaries.

It is intended that groups of perhaps six persons in Canada contact individuals to create groups in other countries such as Norway, Britain and Germany, to discuss either personally or by e-mail how best this plan can be launched and coordinated internationally. A business plan should evolve as to how to bring in other countries - a plan, a platform, a design, and a method of action. (Advice from the Celestials, December 2005)

Space Shuttles may be made available as needed to transport teams, equipment and supplies to different countries, either from production facilities in Canada (see or by courtesy of members of the Galactic Federation, who have expressed their desire to help.

Each team will consist of program groups dealing with agriculture, economics, education, the environment, health and housing, industry and employment, and they will be educated initially in the specific needs for the various countries to which they will be seconded or posted. In some areas society and institutions will have to be rebuilt and the goal will be to help avert a recurrence of the degradation of mankind in that area. A minimum of 6 months commitment will be required from all those applying to take part.

Working through respective embassies if possible, the political climate and monetary stability will be examined before a decision is made to send out a team to any country, so that team members are not put under any physical danger or stress, monies can be freely received and distributed, and goods can be shipped in without any restrictions or financial penalties.

In some countries there may be industrial or commercial concerns which would be negatively impacted by humanitarian operations and are not properly prepared for the post-NESARA environment. Adequate protection must be obtained to counter or eliminate such dangers before teams leave for their destination.

The team will arrive first so that they can acclimatize themselves and get acquainted firsthand with the particular needs of the area and gain the respect of the people. The various goods to support the services offered will then be air-shipped to the appropriate destination. Leaders of each program should arrive ahead of the rest of their group so that any perceived shortcomings can be rectified quickly.

The teams may consist of individuals from different countries, but the official language used by our teams will be English, although individuals with expertise in the local language, if not predominantly English or a dialect thereof, will be welcome additions to any of the teams. Where possible the administrator will also act as interpreter, or he may employ an interpreter to act for the team.

Nevertheless, teams from non-English speaking countries may be arranged under funding provided by third parties and we will cooperate with them to the fullest extent possible, so long as their goals and intent is in tune with our own. If approached for funding, directly consideration will be given to including the team in our administrative program, so long as English is the principal language used.

Team positions will be open to both men and women, although consideration will be given to any known dangers that might present themselves to women under various circumstances. The teams may be split between different sectors of the country, or separate teams may be sent out to operate over different regions, depending upon that country's need.

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