With the announcement and implementation of NESARA and the arrival on Earth of scientists, technicians and other helpers from the Higher Realms, a crusade will be organized to enhance the standard of living in underdeveloped countries over a period of five years by training them in the growing of nutritional crops; in living a healthy, pollution-free life; in educating and caring for both children and adults; and by providing them with new, environmentally-friendly industries to help rebuild the life and esteem of each individual citizen, assimilating them into the Golden Age with all its attendant benefits


Our mission is to provide the necessary knowledge, materials and finance to help rebuild the infrastructure of underdeveloped countries which have been destroyed over a long period by greed, ignorance and mismanagement by government officials, and to instill in the populace the self-confidence, and self-respect that is their birthright.

Our own responsibility is to be Stewards of the Earth and this project is to help us fulfill that task.


Dr Milson Macleod is bi-lingual English-German and has a wide business background, including over two decades of experience in materials management in a major municipal government. He introduced guidelines and procedures in the purchasing field, and was highly regarded as both a researcher and problem solver. Developer of multiple humanitarian and environmental projects, which were initially proposed as business investments. A paradigm pioneer.

Mila Macleod graduated with First Class Honours in Pedagogica and Psychology in 1976 from the university at Slavyansk, Ukraine. She is certified to teach psychology at university or college level and is well known for solving people problems.

Chief Financial Officer: Dima Krushynyn has a Masters Degree in Finance/Economics

Team Leaders: None selected as no advertising has as yet taken place. They will have proven organizational and public relations experience or capability, although responsibility can be delegated to various Section Leaders, and be of high repute in at least one of the stated fields of activity.


Funds are required to pay specialists, technicians and other staff to travel to the various countries and to live there until the mission is accomplished; to provide the necessary materials, equipment and supplies to establish the various economies in each country; to provide medical or health facilities and supplies to eliminate disease; and to provide educators for both children and adults to put them on a firm economic footing for the future.

First year costs are estimated at $1.37 billion, being the cost of establishing and operating 20 teams.


The Canadian federally incorporated non-profit corporation, First Church of St Germain (founded also in 2004 in Utah, USA at the request of St Germain), will sponsor teams of specialists to visit underdeveloped countries to carry out the stated aims of this project.


The location of the administrative headquarters is flexible but the location is tentatively planned as somewhere in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. Teams will be dispatched to third world countries as soon as political and financial stability is achieved post-NESARA, and when it is safe for staff to travel, operate and live there, and conduct financial transactions without interference.

Operational locations will be worldwide, in disadvantaged countries, dependent upon their political and seismic stability, with teams departing as soon as all arrangements for them have been made locally.


This is a non-profit operation, therefore there is no competition as such. We will cooperate whenever necessary or desirable with any other non-profit organisation, in any other country, which has the same or similar goals. This project is not identical to disaster relief programs, although similar in many ways.


There is no question of profitability as this is a humanitarian, non-profit operation. The needs are recognized worldwide. Auditors will examine periodically the distribution and use of funds. Under post-NESARA rules all corporations are to be reorganized and the issue of shares is prohibited.


Initially staff will be selected through first-hand knowledge or advertisements in the press and dispatched in teams to various destinations as funding, staff and equipment become available, negotiations are satisfactorily completed with the democratic government of each country, and adequate accommodation secured. Individuals or organizations in other countries may be invited to join in this project.

It may take some years for the economy of these countries to become viable, but eventually they should all become self-sustaining, exporting products unique to their location in exchange for products or crops which are not locally available, thereby enhancing world trade and improving the economy.

At the same time the living environment will be enhanced and individual self-esteem regained, with contact worldwide though means of the Internet.

If the goal is not achieved at the end of the five-year period, it will be extended for a further five years, or until such time as the poor and hungry have had their needs fully met worldwide.

© Dr Milson Macleod 2004

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