Much of the arable land in underdeveloped countries has been overgrazed; the forests have been cut down for extra crop space, indicating a serious lack of knowledge of how the environment works, as it thereby reduces rainfall and loses protection from the elements. The soil has been over-fertilized, saturated with herbicides and consequently turned into little more than wasteland.

The lands must therefore be returned to a productive state. The agricultural program will include experts who will tackle the problem chemically, while others install crop enhancement controls (such as the 'De Land' system), which permanently eliminates the need for herbicides, fertilizers and other additives, other than rock dust from local sources once every seven years.

This system produced five to ten times the normal crop when it was utilized in California in the 1950s and should quickly correct the shortages of food in each of these countries, at the same time increasing the nutritive value of the crop and all but eliminating the cost of maintenance.

The necessary equipment will be brought in initially but subsequently most of it, other than copper wire, can be manufactured locally.

The agricultural program will identify (a) waste lands which can be recovered for agricultural use; (b) current land where crops can be improved and the return increased; (c) land where reforestation is called for; (d) land which can only be used for industrial use or housing. They will then take what ever action is necessary to improve agriculture and notify the business and housing sections as to where land is available for industry and housing use. All services are provided free of charge.

Pullitzer Prize winning photo taken by Kevnin Carter in 1994 during the Sudan famine: "PULITZER PRIZE" winning photo taken in 1994 during the Sudan famine. The picture depicts a famine stricken child crawling towards a United Nations food camp, located a kilometer away.

The vulture is waiting for the child to die so that it can eat it. This picture shocked the whole world. No one knows what happened to the child, including the photographer Kevin Carter who left the place as soon as the photograph was taken.

Three months later he (the photographer) committed suicide due to depression.

The animals bred for human use, indigent or imported, vary tremendously from country to country, depending on climatic conditions, therefore specialized knowledge of these native species is required in order to optimize their care. There may be several breeds of cows, sheep, goats or deer and each requires a specific environment in order to thrive.

"Animal husbandry, and the protection of the creatures of the earth is a great science, and children from an early age need to be able to see the butterflies, see the beetles, look at the fish, and understand their interdependence, one on the other. This too can be done through the medium of the Internet and the Television." .......... "The Collective" - 22nd December, 2005.

The grasses upon which they feed can be enhanced by natural methods, without contamination by pesticides and other chemicals, providing healthier stock for human consumption.

Biologists will consult with farmers and assist them in improving their livestock and recommend the introduction of other animals if applicable to increase the food supply.

It should however be borne in mind that the consumption of meat is expected to diminish in the Golden Age, and mankind will turn to the fruits of the field for nourishment.

"What is wrong with the educational system of the world as it now stands? Does it teach children to think? Does it teach them to make decisions, and to see the result of their decisions? Does it take them to new paths of learning and discovery? Does it assist them to see the earth in all its wonderment? These are the tasks that will be laid forth for the educators in the days to come. We will select great educators who already have this vision, and who can bring it forth - the scientific educators who will teach the new science." .......... "The Collective", 22nd December 2005

Education will include the arts - artistic endeavours will be encouraged and various arts will be taught by established artists, sculptors and others to heighten the appreciation for life in all its forms.

Teachers must be ready to disseminate the knowledge in a manner that is convenient for all. One of those is the Internet, and the other is Television, although this will not be generally available in third world countries. If not already available generally to the public, it will be introduced initially to schools and colleges.

Educational literature and textbooks will be brought in to improve the level of understanding, including books which had hitherto been banned as the knowledge they contained could negatively affect the excessive profits made by existing industries. Teachers will be loaned to schools when necessary or they will help existing teachers catch up with the knowledge base that should be passed on to today's children.

The use of computers, and especially the internet, will bridge the gap to the rest of the world, speeding up understanding of the world in which we live and the people who inhabit it.

"The educators of health - how to become healthy and remain healthy. An arduous task, but it can be done. The educators with regard to the preservation of earth - there are many who are now prepared. They need only to get together as a Council, all over the world, from a little farm on which there runs a tiny creek, to the thundering waterfalls in Africa, all must work together to renew the splendor of earth. Many have the knowledge, but very few have the means to spread the knowledge, and this will come about in the months to come." .......... "The Collective", 22nd December, 2005

Many of the underdeveloped countries have health systems which are inherently better than that in the Western world but they lack the finance necessary to use it effectively and the more powerful pharmaceutical industry has forced upon medical doctors the use of drugs rather than natural remedies.

Homoeopathy on the Indian continent is one example of a very effective healing method which at the same time offers low-cost medications.

Another planned project, to create laboratories for the manufacture of hitherto suppressed natural products, and to distribute them at low-cost, or even at no charge, to hospitals and Third World countries can be found on the Internet at and will undoubtedly contribute significantly to this particular project.

After studying the local climate, the most suitable form of housing will be established, including modular homes if appropriate, and communities will be built complete with necessary services.

Electricity will be provided by new-energy devices, creating zero pollution.

Potable water will be provided from deep wells, desalinization units or other equipment, so that contamination is eliminated from life's most essential commodity.

Sewage systems can be built using natural filters, such as Water Cabbage *(Samolus parviflorus), which grows profusely and has the added advantage that it can be continuously harvested and used as agricultural fertilizer. But other ET technology may in the meantime be introduced which may be superior.

Housing may not necessarily be 'Western-style' housing but built from natural resources which are most suitable to the local environment.

* .......... one variety goes under the name Pistia Stratiotes

Apart from pollution of the soil (which is dealt with above under 'Agriculture') the pollution of drinking water has a critical effect on health and countering this pollution must be one of the top priorities. Methods used will depend on the local situation in each country and might include desalination in coastal areas.

Air pollution from industry will be tackled by the electrification of factories using renewable energy rather than fossil fuels with existing new technologies, and the establishment of an industry to produce such devices, providing employment for the local population.

Air pollution from vehicles may have to be tackled in stages, depending on the availability of new-energy vehicles, bio-diesel and other alternatives may be used as a temporary measure. Devices have been developed for after-use which eliminate the use of fossil fuels in vehicle engines.

The replacement of commercial jet aircraft by the soon to be produced "shuttle craft" - (see the website "Revolution in the Air" at - will also help to cut down air pollution.

Correction to soils can be achieved by the application of appropriate frequencies to each area.

Water is the #1 requirement for life and its quality reflects the quality of life itself.

Inland waterways will be used for organic culture of crops, deep wells will be used for drinking water, or desalinization of saltwater will be undertaken in coastal areas if this is a viable alternative.

By the time this operation is established, the pollution of existing waters may well have been rectified.

Many of the systems introduced under these programs can be locally manufactured and even exported to neighbouring countries, but it is anticipated that the local requirement itself will keep employment high for a number of years, improving the economy.

Technicians will pass on their expertise to enable viable industries to be created without excessive setup costs.

Agricultural aerial systems and cosmic-energy powered generators of electricity will be prime considerations for local manufacture.

Care must be taken to ensure that such manufacture does not fall into the hands of entrepreneurs or major companies, who would seek to make considerable profit from something given away free in the first place.

Education itself will increase the ability of the local people to find work or even start a business themselves as entrepreneurs.

In the case of countries where landmines still proliferate on account of previous conflicts, equipment called the "Mine Wolf", designed by Christoph Frehsee in Germany and manufactured by AHWI Maschinenbau, will be provided to clear the land of still undetected land mines of all kinds. The international sales office is now in Switzerland. The company now goes under the name of MineWolf Systems.

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